470 or wait for EVGA 460 1GB?

Well I was actually just about to buy a 470 GTX off of Newegg yesterday but my credit card had some issues(It had to do with Verified by Visa. Anybody else had issues with this?). I'm actually thankful now that it happened...because the 460 GTX is looking VERY nice.

I'm looking at using this for Conan. I'd like to be able to max all the settings on 1650x1050 or maybe 1920x1200(I need to get a new monitor...mine is only 19" atm, but I plan on getting either 22" or 24"). Would I be able to do that with the 460 GTX?

I don't really want to replace my mobo atm. It's an Asus P5N-E SLI. Would I still be able to OC the 460 up to say 800 core on this ancient mobo?

I currently have an E6750 @ 2.66 stock. How far(ish) would I have to OC it to not bottleneck the 460?

Or should I just go with the 470 GTX for ~100 more(I'm Canadian, so newegg.ca is what I'm looking at)
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  1. Anand's multiple overclocks have shown the GTX 460 to hit 800MHz core fine, there's got 820-850 as the final, the 1 ASUS voltage-controllable card got 930MHz.
  2. just fyi, i have a 24.5" LCD that is optimized for 1920x1200. I have an old 9800gtx card with a q6600 cpu that allows me to run games at this resolution, including conan. surely a 460 will do the job.

    btw, im also waiting for newegg to offer the evga 1gb sc ee gtx 460. either way, if you wait, the price of 470 will drop soon after ati adjusts by dropping their prices. but i'd rather go with the 460, or even sli 460.
  3. well in my case, i have a core 2 duo e 4600 that was 2.4ghz, now i have it at 3.2ghz and i play at 1920*1200 with pretty much no bottlenecking exept in games like GTA4 wich is REALLY HEAVY in cpu usage, so, a 3ghz overclock should be fine :wahoo:
    (BTW i use a gtx 260)
  4. palitusa said:

    In the UK that one is a whole £10 cheaper than the Gainward version. [:mousemonkey:3] :sarcastic:
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