OCZ Z series vs CM Silent Pro

I am debating between these two units:

850w OCZ Z Series Gold
850w Cooler Master Silent Pro

I found both of these PSUs for about $130 shipped. Whats confusing me about OCZ is that their website states 5 years of warranty, and all of e-taler websites say its just 3. Also i believe one of OCZ's advantages is 80 Gold certification. However both units have some great reviews online, so i really cant decide but leaning towards OCZ unit. Share your opinions please, and maybe suggest better alternative.
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  1. I would go for the Cooler Master Unit. You get the single really powerful 12V rail, which should be able to cope better with unbalanced power usage.

    And I have very good experience with Cooler Master, and have seen plenty friends with problematic OCZ units. Never seen a CoolerMaster Die.

    Using a CM myself, a different model, relatively cheap unit, and i've put it through a lot of torture, and it still works like new, really quiet and stable.

    This is my opinion though, you'll have to see what others say
  2. The OCZ Z series is compared to the top Corsair; the Cooler Master is billed as a solid unit often a value.

    At equal prices, I'd choose the OCZ Z.
  3. I'm using a 850 W Cooler Master Silent Pro M. Never skips a beat, never seen it exhaust air that was overly hot out the back, could handle a overclocked crossfire setup perfectly fine or a single 6870. Plus the Modular, flat black cable design is super easy to work with along with the two 4+4 CPU connectors
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