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Hi I live in the UK and I am using O2 Acess broadband. Today I got phonecall from them and they warned me that I overuse my internet and other users suffer from it just like their servers. He said I dload 100 gb a month, but I didnt had a set limit. I could imagine I did dloaded like 30-50 gb max but thats nothing. He also told me not to watch things online like youtube. I feel very angry especially I pay access area for worse service and I pay 17£ a month. He said if I keep dloading like that I will get terminated from their service. Now my point is that can they do that to me? If they would terminate is there an action I can take against them. There was no set limit of downloading in terms and conditions. Thanks.
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  1. Also to save you a seach I give you terms and conditions. http://www.o2.co.uk/assets2/pdf/Broadband_terms.pdf
  2. I'd call their bluff, contact them and say that as they are not providing the service you understood you were purchasing, you intend to terminate the contract according to its terms (Para 7.6).

    The Para about Reasonable or Fair Use (12a). Those terms should be spelled out in the contract -- expecting you to look at a website for any changes they might or might not occur probably wouldn't stand up in a court as being practicable.

    It has to be said that the Fair Use thing is typical of UK internet providers and O2 has a good reputation.

    The experience of friends, though is that as soon as you notify such firms of your intention to quit they will bend over backwards to hang on to your business.
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