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Best sub $50 gaming case

What is the best sub$50 gaming case. Preferably black with a lot of grill.
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  2. Coming in at $42 which includes shipping this HEC is pretty decent.
  3. microcenter had the antec three hundred at $50 for a while

    newegg has the antec three hundred illusion at $65 but with mail in rebate its $50
  4. funny thing is that the rosewill challenger from that toms hardware article is now $54.99 + $4.99 shipping.

    the nzxt gamma is still the same price though, $39.99 + $4.99 shipping.
  5. Yup! That's how reviews here affect things. The Samsung Spinpoints came off sale after a run here (and prolly other sites) lol.
  6. This Coolermaster case for $40 with free shipping.
  7. If you have the time to wait for a sale or rebate on Newegg or can find a site with the Antec 300 or Antec 300 Illusion for ~$50, I would suggest those. I have the Illusion and I am very happy with it, the fans included will help save $$$, just if you can handel the blue LED's. You should be able to easily get either for $50 or less. Oh and also, thats if you can trust in Antec to send you your rebate check. Today will be 60th day for me, which on thier site is the last day of thier wait period(I guess I'll see what happens after today :fou:).
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