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SSD Boot drive/HDD storage drive

Okay, so I have officially set up my SSD boot drive, and I have created my HDD storage drive (by create, I mean I had to go into disk management and "format" the disk, as well as give it a letter, etc.); so, now what do I do? I am going to be using it typically for gaming. I set My Documents and Downloads to be located in my F: drive (the HDD drive), as this is what a tutorial instructed me to do.

Is what I have done correct, and every time I install a program, I simply install it to the F: directory instead of the main C: directory (SSD)?
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  1. I will take the lack of replies as a good sign.
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    Yes that is what you should have done however programs are still going to ant the C drive as the destination drive and for the most part that can be changed. One thing I would do is when you are about to install a program or game go into the secondary drive and create a folder for it so that when you run the install you can browse to that folder and select it, just make sure to create a shortcut at the end of the install.
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