Is it worth it for me to buy a SSD?


I was just wondering if its worth it for me to buy an SSD considering that my mobo (ASUS P5Q pro) is an older model and only supports Sata 3gb/s transfer rates. I wanted to reformat windows and I figured that a new SSD for my OS and some programs/games would be a good idea.

I currently have a PC Power &Cooling Silencer 610W, but SSD's use less power than the HDD that I'm replacing, so I'm not worried about that. I will also be replacing my HD4890 with a newer and more power efficient video card, so if I wanted to keep my old HDD's and add a SSD I should be fine, right?

Anyways, I appreciate all the help I can get!
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    SSD on a 3gb/s interface will still be a massive upgrade in performance over a mech drive. I'm running an i7920 which is going on 4 years at this point I think, and it was a massive upgrade to the system to put the OS on an ssd.

    I actually had a 4850 in this machine, and put in the ssd and 6850 around the same time, and feel like i'll get at least another year or two out of the system.
  2. Yeah, I say definately go for it. SSDs are so much faster than hard disks. What brand/size are you looking at? I recommend Samsung or Crucial.
  3. Perfect, thanks guys! I'll definitely look into buying an SSD sometime soon.

    I was looking for a 250gb, not sure exactly which one I should buy though. I hear that Intel makes good SSD's?
  4. There would be no point in me buying a SATA3 SSD would there? I mean, maybe if I wanted to upgrade to a better mobo later on.

    Would a SATA3 SSD work in my ASUS P5Q Pro, that runs on SATA2?
  5. The HDD is the Biggest bottleneck for system performance and SSD, even on sata II is a large increase in performance.

    I would still go for a Sata III SSD, preferably the Curcial m4 or Samsung 830. The biggest performance boost when moving from a sata II port to a Sata III port is in the Sequencial read/writer performance. Two things here.
    A).. This is the least important Parameter for an OS + program drive. Smal Random 4 K is much mor important and is not bottlenecked by sata II currently.
    B).. Sata III SSDs that use Async NAND (lower end Drives - ie Agility III) and the Sandforce 22xx controller only show a big jump when using a Benchmark like ATTO. This is a HDD benchmark not no longer relavent for a OS + Program SSD, Reason is it uses Highly Compressable data, Not real world then this is coupled with the use of slower Async NAND chip.

    The newer sata III SSDs using either Synchronous NAND or Toggle NAND will shou increased performance for the 4 K random performance on sata II over a sata II SSD.
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