i have a dx58so mobo with realtek 889 sound chip would the creative audigy 2zs be better than the integrated solution?
p.s i know the card is old i am getting it real cheap
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  1. Yes, because the sound function will not impair the cpu, as it will all be done on the sound card..:)
  2. Yes it will sound better.
    I've already done that exact comparison on a rig.
    The only drawback is if you have Win7 you might not be able to install the full Audigy suite with all the goodies.
    Still sounds better then ALC 889 though.
  3. most sound processing is done by the CPU for vista and seven, so if u dont have xp, it aint using the full benefit of the soundcard.

    its jsut a DAC... but then what else would be the reason of using a soundcard :)
  4. ah the dedicated Audigy 2ZS will be far better than the onboard. I wish i hadn't fried my Platinum 2ZS...loved it every step! But yeh the drivers will be the first hurdle and then the software installation/usage on a win7 OS. Although you COULD try and run the programs via compatibility mode.
  5. Not so fast, the 889 chipset offers about the same signal quality then the Audigy 2ZS...(108dB for both, apparently), so its more signal processing then an actual step up in quality. Audigy has more features built in though.
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