Hate ATI Please help

Yesterday i put together a new system (AMD 955) and despite my hatred of ATI i decided to follow the advice of someone on the forums. Well everything went great until i tried to install drivers on Win 7 ult ed. x64 i started getting screen flickering, and random black screens followed by recovery from driver failure (something like that) and i havent even started gaming. I did all the win 7 updates, and driver updates direct from ATI

I'm very frustrated im thinking of taking it back, and exchanging it for the PNY "Fermi" NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 470 1280MB it about 40 dollars more than i paid for the 5850 but at this point i just want it to work any comments?
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  1. Also will i have better compatibility with the 5850 if i get a better motherboard i am using a MSI 870A-G54

  2. What do you suggest if the 10.5 drivers don't work?
  3. See if you can swap it for a GTX460 and some money back. :lol:
  4. Have you tried uninstalling the drivers, rebooting into safe mode, running driver sweeper, and then rebooting and installing the drivers fresh? And you might as well do 10.4 or 10.5 either of them seem good. 10.6 are working fine for me as well.
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