Unique external HDD format refusal issue

Hello all, I recently got a brand new Western Digital Scorpio Blue 250GB Sata HDD. I put it in my external HDD enclosure, and Vista won't recognize it until I go into Disk Management and initialize it. Then when windows does recognize it, It refuses to format, no ifs, ands, or buts. I've tried Disk management, CMD, and normal GUI options, but it refuses to format. I have used the WD diagnostic utility, and it passes every test, with no issues found. And I have had it write all zero's without issue. So basically I have a 100% functioning mint condition NIB hard drive, that won't format. I know my HDD enclosure works fine because I can put my other HDD in it and use it without issue. Anyone have any idea what I should try next? Ty for your time.
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  1. After you initialized the drive did you create a partition and give it a drive letter ? What is the description of the drive as it is now in disk management ?
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