GTX 460?

I currently run on a resolution of 1920x1080 with a Radeon 5770. Would purchasing the 460 be worth it for me? I'm particularly interested in the Palit Sonic Platinum 460 but wanted to know if you guys think the upgrade would be worth it.
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  1. Well if I got the 460 I would give the 5770 to my little brother, not really looking at CF because my mobo is only 16/4. Sorry I forgot to mention this information. So now under those circumstances would the 460 be worth it?
  2. Yeah it really is. I'm usually and AMD/ATI guy myself but the value of that card just amazes me. So no on the Palit one? Not really an overclocker so I figured the Palit Sonic Platinum would be my best option. That and it's one of the only 1GB versions available right now, other than the other Palit one.
  3. Hmm all right, thanks Psycho!
  4. or you could OC your 5770.

    going from 5770 to gtx460 won't give you much of a penformance boost, the card is a pretty good value but the penformance increase wont be very noticeable.

    i'd sell the 5770 and buy a 5850 or better
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  6. Well you see, regardless I was going to end up giving the 5770 to my little brother as he only plays on 1440x900. And looking at benchmarks of the 460 OC'd it gets to near 5850 level's for a much lower cost.
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