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I'm using my Seagate expansion external hard drive 2tb on windows 7 64b and some files can't be modified. I can read them and run them but I can't modify them and the drive worked fine on XP Media Center fine. Is there anything to fix this without Re-format and copy files Or starting over?
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  1. What files are you trying to modify ? You were able to modify the same files on XP Media Center ?
  2. I'm trying to modify MP3 files and FLAC files with several applications that were OK for System 7 64 bit. I have copied file from the Seagate USB 2 tB drives to the system drive and modify them with the same application without any errors. I can copy the files back to the Seagate USB 2tb Drives and they run without a problem. The only problem I have with these drives is modifacation on the Seagate USB 2 tb drives in System 7 64 bit? It sure sounds to me that the Driver for System 7 has an issue with System 7 64bit and modifying files?
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