HPET enable or disable?

HPET enable or disable?

what is HPET?
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  1. HPET is an acronym for High Performance Event Timer. Without going into any detail, you should definitely leave it enabled in Windows 7 and Vista. I don't believe it's used in XP or below. It is enabled on my XP systems (x86 & x64) without any apparent bad side effects.
  2. LOL@Timeless !!! better you are not commenting on anything and better you leave your hands of your friends and families computers or they all need new ones after your done :)

    HPET is not "High Performance xxxxx "... how you can you spread such wrong comments ????

    HPET = High Precision Event Timer its a replacement for the old X86 timer. it has nothing to do with perfomance.
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