Upgrade from GTX 285?

Its been roughly a year since ive posted on here, upgraded to a Xeon X3370 and a EVGA GTX 285 SC March of 2009 and havnt touched my system since. Since that time ive gone to a 23" LG LED monitor and I game at 1920 x 1080, and quite frankly the knees of this GTX 285 are finally starting to buckle. It cant handle heavy games on max settings at this res anymore, a year ago it was the king of kings now...not so much.

Ive been out of the loop for a year+ so I dont know what the kids are into nowadays. I paid $365 for my GTX 285 back then, and now im seeing $400 for 5870s and $510 for GTX 480s, both prices are out of control quite frankly. Ive never been a fan of charts and graphs, nor synthetic benchmarks so I would like some real world input on my situation. Question being what is the smartest/logical upgrade for me? Full specs are in sig, thanks in advance.
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  1. The GTX285 is still a great card and an upgrade from it would not be worthwhile except going to either HD5870 or GTX480 at minimum.
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    If its any consolation, i still game with a single HD 4870.. The 285 is still a strong card so the smartest approach will be to stick around till the next generation cards are launched.. Till then, lower your settings a bit to enjoy higher frame rates.. Afterall, the game remains the same..
  3. Yea, its still a good card. Perhaps im looking for a reason to upgrade, which isnt all that wise given these prices. $510 for the GTX 480 is flat out stupid, last gen you could have gotten the GTX 295 for that much just about.

    I can live with it for another year, its been good to me. Not being able to max out everything anymore is just annoying as hell though :D
  4. no great dx 11 games yet, just use it dude :)
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