19 & 20 inch monitor latest prices in india ?

Iam planning to buy an lcd 19 or 20 inch monitor....simply how much does it costs in india?
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  1. Any infos will be most welcome !!
  2. For any type of price related query go to "http://www.computerwarehousepricelist.com/" you will get latest prices in indian market.
  3. Try these as well. I found these to be a bit more accurate (no offence meant Grewal sahib! :))


    These would be indicative, and not exhaustive. My suggestion: if you have a Reliance store n any mall/ market in your city, check it out personally. Even I've been looking for a new screen, which I could only do by going window shopping. Delhi has a number of malls, so its easier to get leads here. You may wanna look up ebay as well. People advise against shopping online, but I've done it numerous times, with negligible glitches!

    Problem is that we don't have newegg type websites servicing us (i may be wrong though), so most of our shopping in this regard is by physically going to a showroom and checking out.

    Lemme know which city you're in....will try and find out more.
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