old junk for sale!

Here it is:

ati rage 128pro AGP (I assume since it says "graphics by ati rage 128pro" on the card
24x acer cd-rom
fop32-1 globalwin cpu cooler (socket a)
56k modem (creative modem blaster)
sound blaster sound card
3 HDD the largest being 345Mb
(I am not sure if the latter 2 work)

I'll sell the whole bundele for $35 shipped obo. I'll also take offers for individual items but would rather sell everything in one fall swoop if you know what I mean. Anyway if you want any of this junk let me know. Thanks.
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  1. sold:
    56k modem (creative modem blaster)
    24x acer cd-rom
    sound blaster sound card

    c'mon someone must have use for this stuff. BTW all 3 HDD work. I tested em' myself. Still taking offers. Also got:
    - old intel mobo (isa)
    - isa sound blaster
    - isa expansion card
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