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Heyo everyone!

The last couple of weeks I have been setting up my very own computer, with the help from the community ;)

I have it running stable at the moment, it's all opened up and there is one thing that is worrying me a bit.

I have played Darksiders for around 20 minutes, in all its greatness untill the computer shut off...I don't know the exact temperature at which it shut off, but right after it did, I checked on the motherboard display and it was over 80 ºC :( . Now I am not very into modding and such, but I haven't had anything higher than 75ºC.

After I rebooted and checked the digits on the motherboard, they go around 47 ºC, and I thought I'd get SpeedFan to check out the temperature of other components.

All seems ok, except for this:

Those flames don't seem very friendly...

i7 950 @ 3.07 GHz with the stock heatsink.

My questions:

1) I know the stock heatsinks are never the best, right? But shouldn't they be able to handle non over-clocked CPU's?

2) An elder friend of mine once told me that the case should be closed for a better airflow; I find it to be true, but is it that significant that it will drop a decent amount of ºC?

As always, I'll post as much info as you find necessary, just let me know

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Eh yes, the stock heat sink is supposed to do its job, but if your case isn't very well ventilated you'll end up with an overheating processor that will dramatically lower your cpu's life. You dont want it going above 73*C, once it hits that high you can start damaging it.

    Did you do stability testing with prime95 when you first built the pc? That should have thrown red flags. What case do you have also?

    Your processor is $280ish so a $30 investment in a good cpu cooler like the hyper 212+ is well worth it.

    Looking at your speedfan window again, your cpu is running at 0% and core 1 and 2 are 57C and 61C respectively. Thats really hot for idle temps. Your probably hitting in the 90s with load causing your motherboard to shut you down to prevent further damage to the cpu. It might be the thermal stuff they have pre applied to the cooler too.
  2. Stock CPU fan + OC = Bad Idea.
  3. Thanks for the reply, my case is a Thermaltake V5, here's the link:


    I found something interesting though, the heat sink was slightly misplaced, I mean, there was 1 hook that wasn't all the way through the motherboard. I pushed it a little bit and now the heat sink won't move a bit. It's a bit steadier now.That sure helped!

    My idle is around 43 ºC right now, after testing with that sofware you mentioned, Prime 95. I let it ran around 14 tests, which took around 45 minutes, then I stopped, as it got up to 81 ºC. It didn't return no errors, but the metal plate around and behind the socket was hell hot...it didn't crash, which is good I guess, but I surely will get a new heat sink.

    Is water cooling necessary? I took a look at your Hyper 212, it seems interesting, as it is vertical so it would flush the air out with the help of the case fan.

    Can you tell me your CPU temps idle and on 100% load? Since your clock is over 3GHz I could have an idea on what my "green zone" is.

    Thanks again.
  4. Reseat your heatsink.

    simplefranco said:
    It didn't return no errors

    So it returned with errors? Consider RMAing the CPU.
  5. Because the heatsink was on badly, the thermal paste will have shifted. You need to remove the pastse from the CPU fan and CPU, then reapply properly, then re-seat the CPU fan. Then re-test.
  6. No water cooling isnt necessary unless your planning for some heavy ocing. The hyper 212+ will perform exactly like a high end air solution and just as good as all-in-one liquid cooling solutions. Make sure you pick up some good thermal paste because the stuff that comes with it is not good. At stock speeds on my cpu (2.8ghz) at load its about 60-63ish...at 3.6gzh I dont get more than 75 in prime95. But thats just for me...some people have hit the 4's with those same temps.
  7. You should close your case when running under load - you can't maintain proper airflow (and the RAM and MB have to be cooled too) with the case open.
  8. Thanks for all the tips, it looks like the problem is partially solved. I have been able to keep the core temperature around 42 ºC on idle and 55 ºC under load, with the case closed (doesn't look like it will harm the components now).

    I will still grab a new heat sink and some of that thermal paste. This build from scratch is getting expensive.

    Oh, one more thing, are there any downsides on those vertical heat sinks? I've been looking at the website I purchased my parts from and the vertical heat sinks are huge and they look heavy.

    Like this one for example, looks like a beast, where is it gonna hold?

    4 screws on that tiny base at the bottom?
  9. Its not terrible because the heat sink part is actually not that heavy for being metal. Most of the weight is concentrated on the bottom. Plus it'll come with a metal backplate that you'll install behind the mobo to support it better.

    If you'r getting 55*C on prime95 with your stock cooler, thats awesome!
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