Hopefully able to upgrade from a G100

First off this was not a homebuilt computer, i bought it from staples and here are my basic Specs:

Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5200 @ 2.5GHz
Memory: 3070 RAM
GPU: GeForce G100
PSU: 250W (I think)

So Final Fantasy 14 is coming out and i was wondering if theres a way i would be able to get this computer good enough to run it decently. Is there a video card that i would be able to get that would be a major improvment that can run on a 250W PSU? I've searched around but i'm not very tech savvy :(
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  1. Well, what is your budget? Your best bet would be to get a better PSU and GPU at the same time....

    Also what motherboard do you have? You can use CPU-z to figure it out.
  2. Sorry about that meant to include my budget. My Budget is probably about $300 (Canadian). I'll download CPU-z now and edit this post in a minute.


    Not exactly sure where to look, but i hope this is right:

    Manufacturer: ACER
    Model: MCP73VE NVIDIA MCP73
    Chipset NVIDIA GeForce 7050
  3. Is FFXIV the only game you care about? Do you care about the setting you play it at?
  4. Yup, thats the only game i care about, i'm not too worried about any new games coming out or any single player games, and low settings is fine, anywhere in the 20-30 FPS would be great. (That's what WoW runs at for me right now on average)

    I downloaded the benchmark for it, and my score was less than 1500, which didn't seem right but is probably because the fan on my GPU is messed and it keeps skyrocketing to almost 100F, and then slowly back down.

    I'm also open to buying a whole new computer if i can keep the price under $700 CND, but would prefer to upgrade this one if at all possible.
  5. 100F or 100C?

    100F is nothing to worry about 100C is wayy high though.

    You can upgrade that machine you have now pretty well with 700, a new CPU, GPU, and PSU and still be well under $550.
  6. Errr i meant C, and what products would you reccomend for that? If upgrading those 3 will be cheap and able to run FF14 decently that'd be great :) Also i'm sure there are guides on here about it, but how hard is it to change out a PSU/CPU for a first timer? I've switched around RAM and GPUs, but thats about it. It looks like a real pain for the other 2.
  7. That is really high for the GPU, how ventilated is your case, and have you ever cleaned out the dust from it?

    The PSU isn't hard at all really, just take a picture of the inside your case first. When you take out the first one, try and recall what goes where, but really isn't a big deal. I could help you more but for the life of me I can't find a picture of your motherboard.

    The CPU can be difficult your first time, but it shouldn't be too bad, intel has been really good (at least from what I have seen), at giving you detailed instructions for how to change CPUs. Honestly, putting the CPU in is really easy, its messing with the heatsink/fan that is tricky for someone just starting out. But there are guides all over the place, or you could always come here for help.

    Do you know the acutal name of your computer? I would like to find more information on it.
  8. Yeah i've cleaned out all the dust, it's overheating because somthing is wrong with the fan. It just stops spinning, if i spin it by hand it keeps spinning for awhile then stops again.

    I doubt you'll be able to find a picture of it, i'm assuming it's a pretty cheap no-name MOBO since i bought it at staples, but i was reading a couple guides and PSU seems pretty easy to change out. I think for now i'm gonna start with find a new PSU and GPU, and then later go for a new CPU. If you have the time you think you can take a look at newegg.ca (Unless you know of a cheaper/better site that ships to canada) and let me know what you think my best bet would be for my money/MOBO? I don't know awhole lot about upgrading and don't want to buy anything that's not compatible.

    I plan to continue coming here when i need help. This is a great site, wish i found it sooner :)

    EDIT: It's an Acer Aspire M1641, i've googled it but i can't seem to find any site that has the exact same specs as mine tho. Just the same case.
  9. Ok, well if you ARE planning on getting a new CPU later, then sure. What I have picked out will be bottlenecked by your CPU but they will last you for a long time (even when you go to upgrade your CPU and/or motherboard)

    Now as far as I know your motherboard DOES have a PCI-e slot.



    I'm sure someone would disagree with me, those are both way over the top for your needs, especially when it comes to the rest of your computer (motherboard, ram, cpu). But that video will last you for a long time. I would say something in the 200 series would be fine for you now, but on the Canadian Newegg the 260 is just as much as the 460 so why not, plus everything else is old technology now.

    With both of these it leaves room for you to upgrade your CPU later on down the road, or maybe even a new motherboard, cpu, and ram.

    EDIT - Yeah when I googled your motherboard thats the computer I found, but the specs were way different thats why I asked.

    As far as I can tell its socket 775, DDR2 ram (2 slots), with 1 PCI-e slot, and 3 PCI slots.
  10. I do plan on getting a new CPU later, but for now i'm gonna pick up the GPU/PSU and then go from there. My MOBO does indeed have a PCI-e slot, i'm pretty sure thats what my GPU is plugged into now (The long black one) and CPU-Z says i have one. So aslong as i have a PCI-e slot that video card will work, and the PSU should have no problems fitting in the case right?

    Ya plan is the eventually build a computer from the ground up i just don't have all the funds for it right now. With these this computer should work fine i imagine for FF14 until i get around to building a whole new one :)
  11. tributex said:
    I do plan on getting a new CPU later, but for now i'm gonna pick up the GPU/PSU and then go from there. My MOBO does indeed have a PCI-e slot, i'm pretty sure thats what my GPU is plugged into now (The long black one) and CPU-Z says i have one. So aslong as i have a PCI-e slot that video card will work, and the PSU should have no problems fitting in the case right?

    Yeah that case will like it will support an ATX PSU.

    I'd wait for someone else to come in and give their advice though. =]

    I edited my last post so you might want to check it out.
  12. I'm not sure exactly what socket 775 means, but it is DDR2 RAM, with 1 PCI-e, but i'm pretty sure theres only 2 PCI slots (The smaller white ones).

    If most PSUs are roughly the same size than it should fit, i only ask because there isn't a whole lot of extra space where my PSU is now, the CPU/Heatsink/Funnel thing? are about an inch away from touching it.
  13. In CPU-z under the the CPU tab it should say the socket type next to "package".

    Can you take a picture of the inside of your case? But it should fit, yes.
  14. Yup you were right,775 LGA.

    And i would, but my girlfriend took her phone to her Lady Gaga concert, and i can't find the cable to hook to camera up to the computer =/ No clue where it went. I took some nice pictures then realized i had no way to trasnfer them lol.

    http://runningclam.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/samsung-t190-acer-m1641.jpg It's not my computer but that looks like the exact same case, tried to find a side view without a panel but i couldn't
  15. Yeah you will be fine with that case.
  16. Alright thanks a ton man, i really appreciate it :) I'll let you know in a few weeks hopefully if everything turned out good.

    Just and Edit so i don't bump this post again, but i got them bookmarked tanks tho :) they were messing up for me too btw, probably somthing with the site.
  17. Alright, for some reason those links I posted keep changing for me...

    The PSU was the CORSAIR CMPSU-550VX, and the GPU was the ASUS ENGTX460. In case you need to look them up later.
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