600 Dollar Computer. Have gaming in mind, whatcha think?

Hey guys, i'm new to this computer building but i wanted to get a honest critique on my build. I'd really like to only spend 450-500 dollars tho....atm i mainly am just interested in being able to play world of warcraft at max settings as well as have HDMI in the GPU because that would make my gaming look even better right?
Anyway..i'd like the system to last me for a while of course, let me know any changes you think i should make. I've compared all the prices between microcenter/newegg/and tigerdirect. I'd also like to play more visually demanding games as well, crysis maybe.








I tried to make sure that everything is compatible and will fit together. I'd REALLY like to drop the price because I don't REALLY have type of money, but if that's the best i can do for the price i'll consider it. I would LOVE your insight and knowledge. Thanks for your time!
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  1. $513AR
  2. batuchka said:

    WoW thank you for your prompt response! In terms of the processor, the CPU i had used L3 cache - 6mb and I don't believe the triple core had that, but will the extra core more than compensate?

    I'm still trying to read and learn as much as i can about this stuff. Can you please explain why you choose the options that you did over mine? Will your combo perform BETTER than the one i laid out or is it only more cost effective? Thanks!
  3. I cannot see Bat's build at work, but I assume he has gone for something like the RANA x3 440. His build will use combos that do not compromise on performance. Often there are small differences between some parts so you would pick them based on which had the better deal.

    Nowdays I personally would not go for a dual core processor. Games are finally starting to make use of multiple cores and 3 cores is now the sweet spot - that's why AMD were smart to produce a tri core processor, its affordable and gives you what you need rather than having to spend more on a quad core
  4. I think you went with a 790GX with thought of CF? Well in the long run that 550W ain't gonna cut it anyway and in the end u are left with just the HD 5770 + Callisto 550 You have also overshot your budget i take it? So all in all going single GPU, triple core and a superior GPU overall , over a spread of games will give you a better gaming machine. Games that are very much multicore optimised will benefit better at times with a stock X3 rather than an OCed X2
  5. I would take a look at this article before you buy anything. You don't have to go with what's on here but it is a good place to start.
    $550 Gaming PC

    Good Luck
  6. I only see that RAM from newegg for 89.99 + .99 for shipping.


    Also..are you sure that mobo fits the CPU? It only says supports athlon II so i'm not sure if that means duel core or also the triple core you showed me.

    Where did you get your deals/prices from? Newegg doesn't have those combos will i look up the mobo.

    Any other builds you guys can show me? I keep hearing the 5770 is amazing, think it's not worth sticking with that? And your right about the crossfire, forget about that. I probably won't ever use it, i rather save money by taking away the extra x16 slot.

    I also need a moniter that would allow the GPU to perform at optimum performance. I'm thinking LCD and 100-200 bucks max. Preferably 100 to 150(including tax/shipping) but then again i don't want to have a system that ALLOWS for great graphics, yet the monitor doesn't display that. Any combos possibly that I've missed? Please let me know on some other options, or combos between devices that have been complimentary AND saves money. VEry helpful!
  7. batuchka said:

    Bat, Where did you quote this list?
  8. Would everyone here say that Batuchka's build is what i should go and order now? I'm making a big investment, are you sure that's the best i can do for my price range? I'd like to be able to play WoW at max settings atleast, diablo 3 when it comes out...could i play Crysis at max settings with this build btw? thanks for your time.
  9. hey guys my friend just told me that 1600 speed vs the 1333 speed isn't worth it because you can't upgrade to 8 gigs with the 1600 because the slots on the mobo won't be able to take it. SO it's smarter now to go with the 1333 so i can later upgrade. Whatcha think?
  10. A $600 machine is going to be an entry level gaming system. If you want to play max on games with all of the eye candy you're going to be looking at a $1000 + system and could reach to $2000 easy.

    Consider the following: (What I'm going to talk about might have already been mentioned above)

    Athlon II X3 3.0 GHz or faster or Phenom II X3 2.8 or faster.
    HD 4850/4870 or HD 5750/5770 1GB DDR3/DDR5 memory and anything faster than these are getting to $200 teritory. Keep in mind that a card DDR3/512 bit will almost perform as well as a DDR5/128 bit but a DDR5/512 bit will outperform both.
    If 64 Bit OS: 4 GB RAM
    If 32 Bit OS: 2 GB RAM
    Get a hard drive with at least 32MB cache (don't need a 10000 RPM drive) and ensure that your motherboard and power supply can accomodate these. Some Motherboards have an easy switch to OC but ensure that you have proper cooling before doing so.

    This is not gonna get you max settings but it's the best bang for $600.

    Note: I found that installing the SC2 folder on a USB Flash drive works great if you have a slow hard drive.
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