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SSD Options for new PC build

I am currently planning a new PC build and have come to a decision I feel I need input on. I have held out this long to finally get an SSD as the prices decreased and sizes have increased enough to warrant one. My problem is I still want minimally 480 or 512 GB (depending on manufacture). I was thinking of RAID 0 two 128 GB Crucial m4s, but saw one 512 GB Crucial m4 at the same price as two. Curious, I looked at the Samsung 830 which seems like gets better marks than the m4. One 830 128 GB costs about $20 more than an m4, which I can handle. Looking at the 512 GB 830, though, costs $140 more than a 512 GB m4. So my dilemma is:

one 512 GB Crucial m4 or
two 128 GB Samsung 830 in RAID 0?

I have heard that some SSDs don't lose TRIM support in RAID arrays now. Either with one drive or two drives, I plan to use an old HDD that has enough space for a complete mirror. So in a RAID 0, I would still have my drives backed up in case one fails.
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    I would go with one Crucial M4 as one disk will be more stable than a RAID, plus you get another 256GB. I have used their SSDs and although they are not as fast at writes, they are still fast and reliable (and more affordable too).
  2. Thanks for the reply. I will keep this in mind.
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