1st system build problems. E8 error on Debug


I am experiencing problems with the asr-p55-deluxe motherboard. i have fitted all my componets to the motherboard and when i try to boot up the system it shows an E8 on the debug on the motherboard and then try's to reboot over and over again.

This is my first system build so i don't really have any experience on how to deal with the problems.

Any help by anyone with any idea how to fix this problem, or had any experience with the same problem would be greatly apprecianted. I have read the guide for things to check that has been posted by another user and have followed all steps. however the same problem keeps occuring.

Motherboard: asrock p55 deluxe
CPU: Intel i5 760
GPU: Palit Geforce GTX 460 2GB
RAM: Corsair xms3 ddr3 4gb (2x2gb) 1600 mhz
PSU: Coolermaster silent pro 700w modular psu
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  1. Have you got spare RAM/a GPU lying around to swap in?

    Another thought that might be completely invalid since I'm no expert, is that the i5 760 is a relatively new processor and that the mobo might need a BIOS update to use it. Possible maybe..?
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