here is whats the problem...........i want to enable speedstep on my pc because cpu temp is 70c idle but i cant find cpu eist function in advanced bios features on my p35 ds3l cpu halt is there enabled but there is no CPU EIST FUNCTION!!!!!!!!!!PLZ HELP..... IS THERE SOMETHING HIDDEN???
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forums! :)

    CPU EIST Function -> Enabled /Default {Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology} it's under the Advanced portion of the BIOS. See page 37-38 of your manual. The Easiest way is to Load Optimized Defaults.

    Also try:
    CPU Smart FAN Control -> Enabled {controls the CPU Fan} or Disabled {full speed}

    Manual ->

    Yep, 70C is way too high and exceeds most Tcase values.

    Q - Are you OC the CPU?
    Q - What CPU?

    Judging in the P35 time-frame, it's time to replace your Thermal Paste; get some Arctic MX-4 -> don't get cheap paste. The MX-4 offers excellent thermal conduction and it's non-conductive. Also, I assume the Case has good negative airflow and the CPU HSF is free of dust; if not get 3 compressed air cans and start a good cleaning.
  2. no i didnt oc it ......its an old CPU PENTIUM D 830 AND I AM ABOUT TO GET SOME NEW STUF LIKE I5 2500K P8P67 PRO GTX 570.................. and i know that it is in advanced BIOS features but i dont know why is CPU EIST FUNCTION NOT DISPLAYED!! THERE IS NO THAT FUNCTION!!!!!!!!! I CANT ENABLE IT!!!MY CLOAK IS 3.0 GHZ CONSTANT :) I will try that with loading Optimized defaults and my case is free of dust ,i am cleaning it every week Thanks for help
  3. Well according to Intel {Pentium® D Processor 830} -> has SpeedStep listed as option?!

    The next thing is the BIOS version, F2 is required {rev 1 & 2 of your MOBO} for your CPU and IF you're only running F1 then a couple things: 1. CPU has been dummied-down all this time, 2. BIOS will not offer CPU options because the CPUID information is/has been missing. If running F1 then you must flash your BIOS; use the Q-Flash method and a FAT-32 USB off one of the MOBO's rear USB ports.

    CPU list ->
    GA-P35-DS3L (rev. 2.0) ->
    GA-P35-DS3L (rev. 1.0) ->

    If you have BIOS F2 or later then refer to page 29 for the Clear CMOS procedure. This will accomplish setting everything to defaults and perhaps repair the problem. Afterwards Load Optimized Defaults and set the Date & Time.
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