Help! Intel gaming system vs amd adv/disadv - advice

for the last few weeks I have been researching day in and day out to try and find out what I should buy.

In october, I will be building a new system, however I cannot decide at all on the sort of set up to go for (amd/ati, intel/nvidia)

I have been swaying towards an intel nvidia set up, and these are the advantages/disadvantages I have identified.

Intel / nvidia set up

3DVision, ability to play games/films in 3D (this is the main reason I want to get an Intel/nvidia set up.

Intel i7 is better for gaming and is overall a much better CPU
6gb of DDR3 RAM, (I have read that while the performance boost is minimal, it is still there over a DDR3 dual channel set up

X58 and its components are generally better than that of the AMD FX set up

120HZ Monitor, another important reason why I want to get an intel set up, 120hz will be great, the thing is if it supports 3d I would really wanna get it, and by getting an ATI set up I wouldnt be able to use it.

I could go SLI obviously if the 470 was not enough.


Premium pricing, the cost of an intel set up is much more expensive which means the products I get will not be as high quality as the products I could afford If i went for a AMD set up.

I could afford a 5970 if I went for an AMD set up, instead with this set up I can only afford a 470, which if I understand may struggle to run 3D vision or games such as crysis on high resolution / max settings on a 23.6 acer monitor.

ATI set up

Able to pound any game with a 5970, would not bother with a 5870 as I might aswell get a intel set up if i chose to get a 5870
Much cheaper, meaning able to afford other products, higher quality psu's, more expensive ram etc

ATI bringing out new range in november/october meaning the 5970 price should be slashed!

AMD is known for the budget market, and having read benchmarks all of the i7's beat it hands down, you get what you pay for.

No 3d Vision

Is it worth spending 270 on a 120hz 3d monitor if I cant even use the 3D feature? Might aswell spend 150/200 on a nice normal tn panel, but I would really love to have the new technology

so please, someone give me some advice on what one to go for! obviously I wont be buying my kit until the begining of october (by which time ati should be releasing the new 6000 series which means the 5970 price may be slashed!
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  1. I'm guessing you're only wanting to play games, or games is the most your machine will be doing.

    Therefore you will need at most an Intel I5 750/760 (P55 chipset) with some DDR3 1333Mhz low latency RAM (4GB dual channel) on a decent motherboard like an Asus or Gigabyte one. That is a good start.

    The 5970 is awesome but overkill for a lot of games, why not give the 5870 a try as it will do well at 1080 in a lot of games. Or try SLI'ing two GTX 460's they are an excellent choice at the minute. 3D vision gaming i find is a bit of a gimmick, don't get sucked into it as it probably won't replace regular old 2D panels.

    A Corsair HX or Antec TruePower PSU at around 650W (750W if you are SLI'ing or Crossfiring) will suffice.
  2. Hmmm...the 3D technology is not yet ripe.
    I would prefer to ignore that for this moment and wait a bit.
  3. Indeed, not worth it at all IMO.
  4. IMO, Griffolion is completely right in pointing out that the true comparison point is against the i5 760. Hands down the best bang for the buck right now is SLI 460 (see They even edge out the 5790 by a bit, for almost a full 200 dollars less. That being said, I've heard that intel chips run SLI a bit better.

    You're not going to get a lot of upgradeability with that setup, since you've already SLIed and the 1566 chipset is pretty much on its last legs, but I don't see that setup being inadequate for computer games for a good while.
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