New hard drive - New Simple Volume Wizard won't open

Hi folks,

Firstly, thanks to Tom's for being a very useful resource when I recently built my first PC. All went well except:

I have a C drive SSD and have just connected some additional hard drives for extra storage.

These are brand new unformatted, unpartitioned hard drives.

In disk management (Windows 7) I right click any of these new disks where it says 'unallocated', but the 'new simple volume option' is not available (greyed out). The only selectable options are Properties and Help.

I can't find an answer to this on the Internet.

Any help is genuinely appreciated as i have lost my Sunday to this so far :- )


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  1. Actually folks - sorted now.

    I gave up trying to use the Microsoft approach and downloaded Partition Master from

    This worked first time with no complaint.

    Wish I'd done this hours ago!


  2. Stumbled upon your thread due to the same problem. Thanks a bunch for your help!
  3. You're welcome mate.


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