Completely Free Backup Solution

I am looking for a completely free backup solution with the following criterion;

Full, Differential and Incremental backups.
Ability to choose files and folder and not do "whole disk".
Be completely free, none of that works for 15 days, or works but only does Full Backups. That kind of thing.

Anything out there. I'm trying FBackup4 right now, but I think it doesn't do incremental and its also taking SO long, its been running a full backup on 1.6TB of data for 14 hours now and its only 43 percent complete, I need a different solution bad.
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  1. That doesn't really help me, as a couple of those I tried and they didn't work (like Todo) kept saying I was on trial, and I can't be bothered to try all of those to see which work, can you just tell me which ones actually fits what I need?
  2. tbh the security, safety and reliability is what you pay for. I've lost data twice, firstly from a now ex bf who decided to upgrade the video card and wiped everything and secondly a fire that destroyed the computer, backup, cd's and usb keys, since then have used PCBackup - here's the free site
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