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Hi again. I was wondering if someone could give me some suggestions for a good quality ssd for my gaming rig. All I want to do is run my OS on it. I have heard a lot of people praise them. I have also heard that people say that files randomly get dumped into them. Is that just because they don't know how to direct their files to the ssd? Also I would like a suggestion on which one I should purchase if I do. I would like a speedy and reliable drive hopefuly under $200. Thank you folks in advance.
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  1. My first choice would be the Samsung 840 Pro 256 gb but it is over your budget . I just picked one up and will be installing it shortly. It replaces a Samsung 830 just because I can't resist new hardware.

    The second choice would be the Samsung 830 256 GB.

    The thing is that aSSD will not make much of a difference in gaming other than the maps will load faster. The biggest performance increase in gaming will bea video card upgrade.
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    If you want to go with a 128 gb SSD for the OS drive and keep everything mostly on asecond drive then you can get this one and it will be under your budget.
  3. thank you very much.
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  5. the 840 128gb is so expensive. You can get a 128 m4 for like 90 bucks or less if there is a promotion going. That will be fast enough for all but the most elite pc users.
  6. Yeah I've been checking all kinds of em out. I don't really know too much about ssd's so it's a little confusing. It's kinda hard to try to base a purchase on reviews. There is always someone who's had some crazy problem with everythung.
  7. When I look at reviews I try to take an average like at Newegg where they give from one to five eggs. I take the four and five and aadd them and then the one and two and add them then I see what the three eggts are saying and swing those one way or the other and come up with a number that is either telling me it's good or bad. Motherboards are the worst you can almost never get a MBs reviews up over 60% positive and if you look at them you'll almost not want to buy any MB.

    I have used the Samsung 830 and can tell you that if you can aford the price then it's a good SSD to get.
  8. Well that's bassically what I try to do as well. It's just that it's my first build and I'm trying to not mess it up is making me neurotic lol. Thank you very much for the input.
  9. The 120GB Cosair Force 3 is on sale at Fry's for $60.00 after rebate with 500+ read and writes! While I'm responding maybe someone knows the answer to this question, can I run 2 of the above Cosair's and 2 1TB WD Black's in raid 10 and any benefits?
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