HD 5770 vs gtx 260


Currently I am deciding on 2 graphics cards and cannot decide which one to purchase:

hd 5770 in crossfire or the gtx 260 overclocked edition

Please help

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  1. Get the 5770, it is cheaper, runs cooler, uses less energy, only needs 1 power connector, supports dx11, supports eyefinity - all while performing the same as a GTX260.

    Two 5770s will equal two GTX260s, or roughly a 5870.
  2. HD5770 and GTX260 perform similarly http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/MSI/GeForce_GTX_460_Cyclone_OC_768_MB/31.html so you would definetly get better performance from 2 x HD5770 in crossfire.
  3. Yes, they're perform similarly, but HD5770 is cheaper... :)
  4. why buy either, when the gtx460 is great with about 50$ more to pay than 5770 , but with much better performance .
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