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I have all the parts for a new PC as well as a Snow Leopard DVD to install from. I have not even built my computer yet so it does not have Leopard on there, hence I cannot upgrade to the Snow Leopard I bought. It seems that Snow Leopard is running alot smoother than Leopard and I dont want to end up getting a system that is full of problems. I will be installing windows 7 first whenever it arrives as well. Since I will be upgrading as soon I get Leoprad 10.5 on there I wanted to see if anyone had a good idea of where to start or if there is a better way to do things than just booting from an .iso.

I also wanted to know what people used kakewalk, chameloeon?

1 tb WD caviar black
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  1. I installed snow leopard on my i7 system about 2 months ago as an experiment. First thing first it was a headache b/c not everything will out of the box, thus you will have to do a lot of research for your components. I will try to help you with this much as I can if you are willing to put in a few hours to a day+ if this is your first time. I will provide you with some things to start you off with so you have an idea what you're going to be getting into and let me know where you stand.

    This is a vanilla install, since i believe it is better and like apple be paid for their product

    You will need these for starters:

    pirateefix- a boot cd based off chameleon, you just have to start off this cd when loaded change it with your retail snow leopard dvd and start the process of installing snow leopard. when you are done installing just install a pkg on the cd which will install chameleon on the hdd, so the cd won't be needed for you to boot into osx

    KextHelper- to install kext files, this is for basically installing kext files for audio and video.

    you will need a dsdt file based off your computer which you can create once you have installed snow leopard (I forgot the program I used to create my, but will post once I find my backup of the files i used)

    If you still want to do this I can write you a full guide and help you with kext files.

    forgot to tell you the new video cards from nvidia do not work snow leopard and the ati kext files will work with snow leopard in 32-bit only. you are better off using a 8000/9000 series card from nvidia, since they work out of the box.
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