BIOS not detecting my!

Hi, I have an ASROCK Extreme4 p67 mobo, a WD 1TB HDD, a 64GB Crucical SSD and a 18x DVD-RW optical drive all plugged into my mobo. When I boot up the BIOS, it shows that none of them are detected. This is a brand new computer that I just built and I haven't updated my BIOS yet, for those who need to know, it's update version is P1.60-15b

Any suggestions? Do you think I have dead drives? All three?
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  1. Pretty please? I've contacted ASROCK, but it's only an e-mail thing with them. I don't know what's going on and I highly doubt all three of my drives are busted but I don't have any way to check with another drive or something. Please help, and thank you!
  2. What Crucial, C300? Disconnect it for a while and look again in the BIOS. Try some other SATA ports on the motherboard.
  3. Are your SATA ports enabled in BIOS? are they set to AHCI mode?
  4. I didn't know that I had to enable my SATA ports in the BIOS and I did set them to AHCI mode. How would I go about enabling them? To the other guy; my SSD is a Crucial M4 64GB
  5. Disconnect the SSD and try your other stuff on SATA mode.
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