How to establish VPN Connection between RV042 Routers?

I want to connect my office PSI/Mandalay and PSI/Yangon office using iPStar connection and using RV042 Linksys VPN Router.
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  1. I would say 'NO', they are very basic. I have established connectivity but any port on either end can access the entire web..... Any suggestions to verify the tunnel is a 'Tunnel'? I am shooting for an AES encrypted tunnel with SHA hashing...
  2. You didn't provide much info, but let's stay that PSI/Mandalay is on internal network and PSI/Yangon is on internal network If you configured a tunnel, then you should be able to verify that a tracert to the other site works. If it it does, then it obviously has to go through the tunnel because the Internet can't route those internal IP addresses. I presume that you already know that internal IP addresses at each site have to be different; otherwise it will never work.
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