Windows 64 bit saying 4gigs ( 2 usable)

ok i just got my new system and installed everything my self and loaded windows 7 on to it and it told me that i had 4 gigs memory then i started to do some updates to drivers and such and now its saying i have 4gigs but only 2 useable.

any help on how to get my full 4 gigs

oh and ps when i go into my resource monitor and look at memory it said there is 2049mb reserved for hardware, as well i dont think my cpu has a bent pen since it said before that i had the full 4 gigs
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  1. Click Window icon>type in msconfig in search>press enter

    in system configuration go to boot tab>advance options>untick the maximum memory box>OK
  2. still hasent fixed it
  3. Did you restart?
  4. lol yes i did
  5. List your full system spec and window version
  6. ok
    MSI 870-G46 6gb/s ddr3 800/1333/1600
    GSKILL 4gigs ripsaw ddr3 1600
    am3 phenom II 1100T 3.3ghz hex core
    seagate 500Gb 6gb/s
    NZXT M59
    HD4350 512mb ddr2 640mhz core clock 440mhz memory clock
  7. Try to remap memory on your mobo.
  8. as in reseat them in different slots?
  9. No, if you mobo has it, it will be in the bios settings. Try resit the ram, but I don't think there will be any difference. Take a look at this:

    You may want to rollback on your gpu driver.
  10. allright this seems to be what happend to me how would i tell my graphics card not to reserve 2 gigs of my ram? * yesterday is when i built my system so i was installing drivers then and this did seem to happen after i installed my graphics drivers *
  11. You get the system to reserve less ram for gpu by remap ram if there is a option on your bios. If you don't have that in bios, try another driver.
  12. ok i have reinstalled windwos 7 and it is still saying 4 gigs ( 2 usable )
  13. Did you use a different graphics driver?
  14. yes i did i have tried drivers from HIS * my maker of the card * and amd/ati and still nothing
  15. ok so i just noticed when i boot up and i see the post it is saying there is only 2 gigs of ram. what would the remap ram be in my bios im not sure i cant find it
  16. now that i think about it this never really started till i updated my Bios is there a chance that my bios is messing all this up?
  17. If your mobo sees 2GB ram, remap won't help. I suggest fill the ram slot one by one to boot to find out the problem.
  18. ok so i tested each ram stick and both worked just fine do you think that the bios update i did is reserving the 2 gigs for hardware?
  19. I think it is. Roll back the bios.
  20. how would i do that?
  21. Flash your bios back to the version which can use 4GB.
  22. so if my bios updates through usb do i just do that but with a older version and that wont break anything?
  23. Yes, load the older bios to usb and flash the bios again. Just like your updates, but this time, using an older bios, so a downgrade.
  24. YES we where right it was the bios :D :D :D :D :D i'm so happy to have my 4 gigs back thank you sooooo much i really owe you for this but the sad news on that is i just spent a ass load on my comp and don't have any money now XD thank you thank you thank you
  25. No problem. I am sure if I didn't take up the job, someone from this forum will happily assist you and solve the problem anyway, so really it was nothing special. But you're welcome.
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