Crucial M4 vs Kingston HyperX 3K

Which of them would you buy and why?
Kingston HyperX 3K - 120GB, upgrade kit
Crucial m4 - 128GB, Transfer Kit

Thanks for replys
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  1. I would get the Samsung 840 128gb because it's much better then either of these two.
  2. Performance wise outside benchmarks probably not see a big diff between the two. Both seem to have low user Problem ratings at newegg.
    Plus for HyperX is toggle nand
    Neg for HyperX is sandforce controll. This favors ATTO benchmark which is normally what manuf advertize, inflates performance.

    My prefernce would be for the Cucial M4 or Samsung 830

    Holding off on recommending the 840 until price dropps and It is a little longer in use.
  3. So you would both go for Samsung...
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