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Hope someone can weigh in on this. I'm looking at purchasing a new laptop for my son in University, after this Alienware m15x was stolen (very, very sad).

We're looking at something a little lighter and smaller this time, but still with good gaming performance. I have found a couple of systems that seem a good fit. The major difference is that one has a 5400 rpm HD with a small (32 GB) SSD, while the other has a 7200 rpm HD only. Other than that, the two systems are very comparable (one's a Lenovo, the other an ASUS).

So, what are people's thoughts? Would the small SSD be enough to offset the slower HD speed? Or would it be better to go with the faster HD and forego the SSD?

Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    The laptop with the small SSD is setup to use the Intel RST which is designed to use a small SSD (like the 32 gb) as a cache for the larger slower hard drive. This setup will make the laptop with the small SSD have faster performance then the laptop with the 7200 rpm hard drive.
    The OS will actually be on the 5400 rpm hard drive and by having the SSD as a cache it makes the operating system perform much faster.
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