PCI slots do not work after new GPU installation

So I put in an EVGA 250 GTS in late January. Ever since then my PCI slots have acted strange. The wireless LAN card that was in there worked for several months since I built this computer last July. It would freeze my computer. I took it out and put in a different one. It worked and did not freeze my computer but eventually it would stop working and it would not be detected by my computer at all. I tested both out on a different PC and they worked perfectly. I tried a new PSU and that didn't fix anything at all. So I decided to just by a wireless LAN USB adapter.

Fast forward to today and the problem has come back to haunt me. I put a new sound card in and it recognizes it for a second then it stops recognizing it completely. I tried both PCI slots and still nothing. These are the exact same symptoms with one of the wireless LAN cards. So I am beyond baffled. I tried clearing the CMOS and it still didn't work. PCI slots shorted? IRQ resource issue? mobo grounded incorrectly? Thanks

MOBO: 790xt-g45 (latest BIOS update 2.5)
Sound card: ASUS Xonar DG
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 B50
PSU: Rosewill 700 watt 80 plus BRONZE 54 amps singe 12v rail
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  1. Have you tried putting back the previous video card? Sounds like some kind of resource conflict - something the new video card is using that the old one didn't.
  2. I did try that and they still don't work :\

    I am going to take the mobo out and then put all the parts back on it and test it, eventually.
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