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I've recently built my first HTPC. I'm using XP MCE 2005. TH\he tv tuner I'm using is the Hauppage PVR 150. Everything is great except my tv quality. I have a 50" HD Panasonic plasma tv.

If I use the DVR provided by my cable company (Charter) the picture is crystal clear.

With the HTPC, I'm running the coax directly to the PVR-150, and then outputting via component (red, green, blue) for HD. Everything else is perfect (dvd's, downloaded movies, etc), but my tv quality is less than stellar. It is watchable, but fuzzy.

Am I using a crappy tv tuner? Do I need something better or some additional hardware for a better picture?

Your responses are much appreciated.
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  1. PVR150 is an out dated analog tuner... Why use XP MCE 2005? With Windows 7, you will get ClearQAM.
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