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Can't get the BH14 to play a Blu-ray DVD in Win7/64. The BH14 operates (spins, ejects, opens, closes, etc.) but no video. I did not run the Install CD that came with the BH14--do I have to (BH14 instruction book says not needed)?
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  1. Does it play regular DVDs (how many disks have you tried)? Do you get any sort of error message?
  2. Duplicate post.

    Why wouldn't you now run the install disc if you say it is not working ? Usually you don't have to run an install disc for a dvd drive install but if your having issues with it not working then running the disc would be the thing to do. If it still doesn't work then there is the possability it's defective and tech support and customer service should be contacted so you can get a replacement. Where did you buy it from ?
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