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Upgrading E2160 and 8800GT

Hello everyone,

Thanks in advance for your help/advice.

I'm currently running a E2160 with a 8800 GT 512 MB GPU. I'm thinking of buying a Q6600 off ebay and a GTS 460 from a local store. I have a GA-P35-DS3L MB. I can get the Q6600 for about $110 USD and the GTS 460 1MB would be around $175. I don't have a choice to upgrade to the LGA 1156 or 1366 CPUs.

What are your thoughts? Is this a good budget upgrade?
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    Yes, you will see a pretty significant upgrade in performance. If your mobo can support the q6600, you will be set for at lest a year or more for gaming. And I am guessing you are going for a 768MB 460GTX? That will be a good match for the q6600.

    Also make sure the your PSU can handle the load, you are going to put close to an extra 100W at load on it, I would recommend a solid 450W PSU at least here.
    If your CPU is significantly weaker, you might consider a lower wattage GPU, like a 5770.
  2. +1 on making sure your PSU will be adequate and making sure your mobo supports the new chips.

    CPU: If gaming is a priority, I would go with a wolfdale dual core CPU on this upgrade. Most of the allure of the quad core is the whole "future proofing" thing, but dollar for dollar, you'll get better performance (gaming) than on a Quad core right now. This is even more true if you are willing to OC. Either way you go though, you'll notice a huge performance jump.

    Other: I'm assuming you already have 2GB+ RAM. If not, you'll want to do this first.
  3. Thanks for the quick replies. Currently have a 520W corsair PS with 4GB ram. MB can support 45 or 65ns. This gives me some ideas. thx!
  4. if i were you, id rather buy Q8200
  5. Heck man, go for a Q9500...

    Budgets bro, budgets >_>
  6. Would be awesome if I could afford the Q9500. I bought the Q6600 for $120 off ebay last night. Wife would kill me if I spent anymore money rofl.
  7. I ow, I was being sarcastic on extreme's part. The Q6600 should last you until the sandy bridges come down in price a bit :P
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