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What is filling my SSD?

I am running Windows 8 Pro 64bit on my 32GB SSD. On the first day, I had about 3GB empty after installing Windows onto it. Now, a few weeks later, it's down to less than 100MB. My "personal" folders such as Documents, Pictures and Videos, etc are all empty. My downloads folder is empty, and I am downloading things to my 2TB HDD. I don't have any programs or games installed to the SSD, and my recycle bin is empty too. Nothing is stored directly on the desktop. I run the disk cleanup, and it only clears about 4MB of temporary files.

What is taking up all that space?
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  1. data

    hibernation file
    page file
  2. Windows updates , every day useage with adding files and transfering data back and forth. 32 gb is just way too small to put a 64 bit Operating system on it and even if you were able to get the 3 gb of space back to what was there at the start you have filled the SSD too much and you should not fill it past 80% of capacity.
    A 32 bit Operating System would have taken up a lot less space.
    I wouldn't even put a 64 bit OS on a 64gb SSD.
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  4. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    Thanks. I did all that and I have 13 GB free now.
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  6. Awesome glad to hear!
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