Help with motherboard/cooler/ram compatability please?

Okay so im planning on going with the Asus P8Z68-V Pro motherboard and i was going to get the Titan Fenrir Evo cpu cooler... but from images i have been looking at it looks like it will block off some of my RAM lanes and theres only 4 to begin with! I atleest need the 2 blue lanes cause i was only planning on having the 2x4Gig Kingston Hyper X 1600 kit but its pointless if i cant have them on Dual DDR3 i would rather find a new cooler. Does anyone know about/have experience with this board and cooler?

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  1. I used this motherboard for my latest build. I used a Noctua cooler and GSkill Ripjaws RAM.

    I looked up your heatsink and the RAM. All Kingston RAM is called Hyper X, so you haven't narrowed it down enough.

    Which way around were you planning to mount the heatsink? The normal way would be to have it oriented so the fan is blowing through the heatsink to the back panel.

    Unless you want to use the T1 version of Kingston Hyper X I don't see you having a problem - there seems to be enough clearance. The specs for the cooler are annoying - they don't specify how much clearance there is, just the overall size.

    BTW: I recommend installing the backplate for the cooler, then the CPU, then the cooler, then the RAM, and then the fan - that sequence generally avoids any issues.
  2. Oh right i see, sorry its hyper-x genesis? And yes i was planning on having it that way so the fan blows towards the back of the case.

    Hopefully i will be okay then, am i right in thinking that if i want to use dual lanes i have to match the colours of the lanes and that useing either 2xBlue or 2xBlack will have no performance difference.

    This is my first build and i think i have a pretty good idea of it all its just little details on particular things :)

    Thanks for the help, but still if anyone has this actuall set-up please let me know how it is :)
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