I have several problems

I have some strange issues but first I`ll start by listing my system.
MB: Asus P5B-Plus
CPU: Core2Quad Q6600 @2.4 GHz
RAM: 4x2GB DDR2 Corsair modules
HDD: 1TB 32MB cache WD drive
GPU: XFX HD5770 1GB XXX edition
1 case fan: 80mm Arctic Cooling

So the problems are:
1. The BIOS shows 7092 MB of RAM. In Windows 7 x64 I see 8GB but it says only 6.5 are usable.
2. After one restart I couldn`t see the RPM of my fans anymore with SpeedFan. I entered BIOS and they were showing there.
3. When I try to turn off the PC from Windows it just restarts.
4. Whenever I play a game (WoW, TF2, Civilization 5) I hear a sizzling sound from the PC. During the menus and if alt+tabbed I don`t hear nothing but whenever there are some graphics to display there is this sound. I can`t really sens from where it is.

I`m sorry if this is not the right thread please move my post. Thanks in advance for the replies.
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  1. Check Bios in the advance North Bridge Chipset Configuration
    Enable Memory remap Feature and in the end of the list Check Initiate Graphic Adapter , Select PCIe
    Disable PEG Force
    This might solve your RAM problem.....

    For the SpeedFan problem Uninstall completely and reinstall the application, since in my case it has messed up a few times.....

    To power it completely off, firstly check the Power management of windows, somewhere in there they ask you what would you like to do when you hit the shutdown button, or power switch.... if that is configured correctly, then you'll need to google for a registry entry that says....."Clean Shutdown or powerdown" windows had this problem way back in Xp when a clean shutdown never happened and you needed to change a particular registry value to get it to work right....

    And last point is What are you Temp readings for the GPU and Mobo when you game...... use HWMonitor if you can download it , it's a small utility which will help you log the temps while you game.... post them here and we'll let you know....where the problem of the sizzlers might be.....
  2. I`ll try HWMonitor later today. Although as I looked it up yesterday the temps looked something like this:
    CPU 40 to 50
    MB around 38-40
    GPU 50-58
  3. At those temps you should get no sizzling sound unless there too much of thermal paste leaking somewhere out onto the heatsink of the GPU...... this youl'll need to check, could be a drop of anything just stuck onto the GPU heatsink which melt when it gets hot and then hardens when it's cool again.....
    So check the GPU thoroughly for anything that is there but you feel it shouldn't be there.....
  4. The XFX HD 5770 looks like this:

    So I can`t see it. I think that it`s the PSU but I`m not 100% sure I can locate the sound. It`s kind of hard to describe the sound but it`s not like you drop water on the hot pot or something. It`s more like ... sоmething hissing or squealing. I might aswell try to record the sound to be sure.

    Also the temperature doesn`t change while I alt+tab. I also tried to play in windowed mode to monitor the temps.
  5. Firstly isolate the sound , now I'm confused, where is it coming from, the PSU or the GPU?
    The top plastic cover of the GPU easily comes off..... so it's not as bad as you think it looks... :)
    But you need to open it only if the sound is from there...... otherwise it's not of any use if the sounds from the PSU and we end up with opening the GPU.....

    The hissing and squealing sounds are likely from capacitors and the fan...... more so the capacitors when they get heated up or are running too much power....

    So you need to isolate where the sound is coming from first...
  6. I`ll try to move the PSU out of the box so I`ll be able to hear it better.
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