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Upgrading CPU


Ive just bought a GTX 460, and im running it on a i5 650 @ 3.2.

Would upgrading to a true quad core improve real world gaming performance? (Final Fantasy 14, WoW, Dungeons & Dragons online)

If so which quad? I've been looking (and heard a lot of good things about) the i5 750? or would i be better off investing in an i7?

My budget is £220 ($350) :)

My rig
i5 650 @ 3.2
GA-H55-UD3H skt 1156
4GB ddr3 1600
GTX 460 oc 1GB GDDR5
Corsair HX650
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    FF14 gains a lot from a quad but see how it plays first, the CPU prices will go down by then (spring 2011 I think). The i5 750/760 would be a nice upgrade then.
  2. +1 I5 750 or 760, only for gaming, it will not be worth buying an i7, the i5 750 does better. perf/price ratio-
    Go with the 750 or, 760 if no big difference in price-
  3. Wicked

    Thanks for the info guys :)
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