[SOLVED] ATI 4850 HDMI No audio

I used to have the chance to switch from my speakers (green plugin) and my HP hw2207h monitor HDMI audio easily, but suddenly it has disappeared so i formated my computer, applied latest realtek drivers, ATI HDMI drivers but my Playback Devices list keeps saying my ATI HDMI OUTPUT is not plugged in.. Well It is plugged in.

Things i have tried>
*Applied latest Onboard audio drivers (Realtek ones)
*Applied latest ATI HDMI Drivers
*Uninstalled and reinstalled ATI HDMI drivers

Nothing seems to work, If you come up with any ideas/suggestions PLEASE let me know.

Thanks for your time.
OS Win7
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  1. Did you change your sound device in your control panel to point at the HDMI instead of onboard sound?
  2. Am not sure what you mean, the path im using to see my playback devices is by right clicking on the speaker icon at the very bottom right side of the screen and select Playback Devices, it shows me a list with my monitor HDMI saying its not connected but it is connected, speakers and SPIDF.

    Need some help to figure out a way to make windows detect it so i can play audio through it.
  3. Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Manage Audio Devices

    There should be an item labeled:

    Realtek HDMI Output
    ATI HDMI Audio

    Make sure it is enabled, and that it is showing "ready" status.

    From there, you may need to disable your other sound (onboard audio) or enter the configurations. I don't have my 4870 hooked up through HDMI atm, so I can't open the configuration option to walk you any further.
  4. This is how it looks like

    Says its unplugged for some strange reason
  5. How do you have it connected? Does your 4850 have a native HDMI port, or are you going through a DVI to HDMI converter? I guess I should ask first off if you are connecting your HDMI cable directly to the card, or the motherboard? Sorry if you have it hooked up to the card, but it has to be asked.
  6. Yes my vid card has a real HDMI port, am not using any kind of adapter, goes straight into my monitor's HDMI port. i really dont know what to do, you are my last hope hahha

    feel free to ask whatever crosses your mind, thanks a lot
  7. I'm out of options, tbh. Fresh Install, all drivers taken care of, no adapters... perhaps you could make sure your other sound devices are disconnected, as well as disabled in the control panel, and see if that does it.
  8. i disabled the onboard audio from the bios expecting the hdmi to re-appear, no luck :|

    Am starting to believe win 7 is the responsible for this, as far i remember it used to work just fine under windows vista. i really dont know what else to do,

    help pleae anyone!
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    Bloch said:
    This is how it looks like

    Says its unplugged for some strange reason

    Here's the page from ATI Support which has some things you can try and a by the numbers approach. It helped me get mine going.
  10. I forgot to add that a good quality HDMI cable is important if you have any length over 3' or so the monitor and source can communicate properly. Try reversing it if you don't have another cable. Also are you using the ATI supplied DVI to HDMI adapter on the card?

    I have a 4870 connected and it works fine on a 50" Samsung TV/Monitor along with my 24" computer monitor in dual mode. I do have to change to digital audio from the computers analog 5.1 speakers in order for the sound to come from the TV/Monitor.
  11. well i've tried everything and nothing works, the cable is in good conditions but i think i may have found the issue.
    The cable is roughly connected to the vid card, its not all the way in.... maybe that could be affecting the sound? i cant get it all the way in cus theres a piece of the case blocking the big size of the HDMI cable, im gonna try and cut that off see what happens. Thanks for all your help you've been the only one who tried to help me, honestly thank you
  12. HAHAAH its working now...

    I just thought i would let you know what happened. As i wrote before the cable didnt correctly fit into the video card HDMI slot, there was this little thin
    g obstructing it from the case itself so i had to rip it off, make some space now it goes all the way in which is really really weird because i had video, just not audio.

    How did i notice that? Thanks to the link u posted, it says it may not be correctly plugged in so i double-checked and that's it so if anyone else out there finds this same problem DO THE FOLLOWING


    Once again thank you so much for your assistance.
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  14. Haha, awesome you solved it, shame on me for not telling you to make sure it was plugged in properly. If I was trouble shooting someone's computer at their home, the first thing I do is check every cable.

  15. Glad you "fixed" it even though it didn't need fixing but a properly plugged in cable. My 4870 has DVI plugs on the card but they did furnish 2 DVI to HDMI adaptors with the card. I do know that sometimes it's just something freakish about the cords and my son-in-law had a problem with his Blu-Ray player to TV and he tried reversing the cord and it worked perfectly. Quite possible he didn't have it plugged in all the way to begin with and when he reversed it he did plug it all the way. :)

    To be truthful I don't know that one's ears can tell the difference in digital vs analog in most setups but it does mean one less cord to and plugs to worry about. Especially with the built in amps and speakers in most TV/Monitors which aren't very good to begin with.

    I'm remodeling my house and have put in long (50') HDMI runs to the bedrooms with high priced amplified cables and can't wait to see how well they work.
  16. i actually had a crazy idea about this, considering the vid card is also an audio card means i have 2 so i thought i could play around with these 2 and make them work together at the same time but as you can imagine win7 only allows 1 device at the time but i did manage to make the 4 speakers sound at the same time... kinda silly

    wish i could make them work like a quad system
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