Replacing Motherboard:AM2+/AM3 Socket

Sorry if this is in the wrong section, but I figure since I'll need to replace my motherboard, I thought this might be the right section.

Anyways, the motherboard on my HP Pavilion a6720y is dead.

Processor: AMD Phenom X4 9550
Fried motherboard: Pegatron M2N78-LA
Form factor: Micro-ATX

According to the HP website, the processor is a AM2+ socket, and the motherboard is an AM3 socket.

Now according to what I've read so far, AM2+ sockets cannot work with AM3 motherboard, but this seems to be the contrary according to the information I've been looking at.

Now I was wondering if the information on the website is wrong or there is something I overlooked.

Also I'd appreciate it if someone could recommend me a good motherboard replacement for the M2N78-LA. I don't think I'll be spending too much time on this computer gaming or anything (maybe a couple old games or something), more or less casual stuff with this computer.

Much thanks to anyone that helps.
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    You can use any am2+am3 micro atx board you desire. All work with am2 or am3 cpus and ddr2. Newegg has some for $40 with free shipping, last time I checked. You'll need to reinstall your windows operating system unless you've already upgraded it and possibly obtain a new windows coa number. The original only works with hp boards. If you want to upgrade the ram, then get an am3 board with the same chipset. DDR3 is still cheap; newegg had 4 gb for $38 the other day with promo code plus you got a $20 rebate making it around $18 after rebate.
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