Suggestions on new Mid range gaming build

Processor (CPU) Intel Core i5 760 Quad Core Processor Lynnfield LGA1156 2.8GHZ 8MB Cache Retail Box

Motherboard ASUS P7P55D-E LGA1156 P55 DDR3 2PCI-E16 3PCI-E1 2PCI CrossFireX USB3.0 SATA 6GB
(should i go p7p55d-e pro?)

DDR3 Memory (RAM) G.SKILL F3-16000CL9D-4GBRH Ripjaws PC3-16000 4GB 2X2GB DDR3-2000

Video Cards Radeon HD 5770 850MHZ 1GB GDDR5 4.8GHZ PCI-E 2XDVI HDMI Display Port (best manufacturer?)

Computer Case Antec Three Hundred Mini Tower Gaming Case 300 ATX 3X5.25 6X3.5INT No PS Front USB

Power Supply Seasonic SS-400ET 400W EPS12V 20/24PIN ATX Power Supply Active PFC 80PLUS 6PIN PCI-E 120MM Fan OEM

Western Digital Caviar Blue SE16 640GB SATA2 7200RPM 16MB 3.5IN Hard Drive (not concerned with big HD, may go raid later on, have plenty of externals to use)

Liteon IHAS124 24X DVD Writer SATA Black OEM

also if anyone has any experience with this model of monitor
BenQ G2420HD 24IN Widescreen LCD 1920X1080 2MS 300CDM 40000:1 DVI-D HDMI

all in all this is costing me 1500 canadian going off

Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition 64BIT DVD OEM (cant justify 100 extra bucks to get xp compatibility mode)

any suggestions on cheap cpu cooling? i plan to do a little bit of overclocking (never done before, interested)

any suggestions would be really appreciated i am looking for best gaming build for around 1200 -1500 including decent monitor, cheaper the better :-) i cant make up my mind
Thanks in advance
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  1. If you don't mind AMD you can get this crossfire ready system:

    Gigabyte GA-890XA-UD3
    AMD Phenom II X4 955
    G.SKILL F3-12800CL7D-4GBRM Ripjaws 4GB
    LG GH22NS50
    Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 500GB
    XFX Radeon HD 5870
    Antec Truepower New 750W Modular Power Supply
    Coolermaster CM 690
    BenQ V2410 24IN LED LCD Monitor
    Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition 64BIT
  2. Mosox' system will be a fair bit better for gaming since the graphics card's much more powerful. Looks good, just remember that that's not a completely modular PSU.

    If you still want something Intel, then keep the CPU and mobo you already said and change graphics to 1GB GTX 460, although this is naturally less powerful, although SLI performance is sweet as.
  3. @ gdone - From your system -

    Faster RAM - Corsair XMS3 4GB DDR3 2X2GB

    I'd say - Go for more inexpensive peripherals & keep your 760 system. Your call.

    Much cheaper monitor with similar (if not identical) features - LG W2243T-PF. I personally use a 20" version of this & I can vouch for it.

    Cheaper CM Case : Coolermaster Elite 310

    PSU : For 1 card, you wont need anything more than a 550 - 600 Watt one - OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W

    Now, the GPU is totally your call. Normally, a 5770 should be alright, if you're looking at WOW/SCII etc.

    But if you're looking at Metro 2033/Crysis at 1920 X 1080, you might wanna go with a MSI GeForce GTX 460, which should be alright as long as you don't insist on playing on ultra at a million fps.
  4. Thanks folks your replys have been great
    i decided to go with AMD phenom II 955 with gforce 460 1024mb.
    any suggestions on brand of motherboard and is it better to go OC or EE or Fermi?
    thanks again
  5. For a gaming build get a HD 5850. Also you won't be able add a second Nvidia on that mobo, it doesn't have SLI.

    If you don't get the 5870 you can get a cheaper PSU:

    Last one is modular. Any of them will be able to run 2 HD 5850 in crossfire if you'll add another one later.

    Edit for links to video cards and SLI reference:
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