PC fails to boot after power outage.

A week ago I was playing games on my stationary PC when the power went out (it was only our house) and when I turned the power back on, the PC wouldn't boot anymore.
At first when I tried to boot I could see all the fans spinning and I could hear that something was working (not too sure what) but there were no "beeps" to indicate that the PC was actually booting.
Then I tried turning off the PC and unplugging it from the outlet, leaving it there for a short time then tried rebooting but by then only the fans were turning on and NOTHING ELSE.
Lastly I tried unplugging it, holding down the Power on button for about 10 seconds, then boot after an hour or so and still the same as above.

I do have a surge protector.

Can anyone tell me how I can check which part has failed? I really don't want to take it to the local hardware store to get it checked out (it costs too bloody much) and I don't want to go purchasing new parts before I have located the fault.
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  1. If it doesn't beep, USUALLY it means the worst:
    Motherboard failiure.
    When my mobo has broken, i had the same symptoms as you.
    One time it was a loose atx24 pin connector (the big fat one), so try checking for that.

    Does your PSU have a On/off switch at the back?
    If it does, set it to "off", press the on button, and then set the psu switch to "on" and boot.

    What are your system specs?
    What PSU do you have?

  2. try to reseat the memory
  3. Are you 100% sure that it's the motherboard? I have read in many places that running fans and flashing LEDs do not indicate that the PSU is fine.

    My PSU is HKC USP5580
    System Specs: Mobo - MSI (not too sure of the model)
    GPU: GeForce 9800GTX+
    4 gb RAM
    Windows XP Professional SP3

    Right now when I boot it (after turning off the switch and pulling out the cable) the fans turn on for 2 seconds, goes off, then comes back on by itself after a second. Still no beeps. Also tried removing the battery, no luck.
  4. Hmmmmm.
    Does your PSU have a switch at the back?
    Malmental could be right.
    If you have a crappy old PC lying around, and have a 350 watts or more PSU in it, take it out, and try putting it into the "broken" system.
    If it boots, then our power supply has broken.
    If it doesn't, get ready to buy a new / do a warranty replacement on your mobo.
    Also, remember that having a good PSU is VITAL for the protection of your computer's components. When the power goes out, if the psu is of decent quality, normally it will protect your components.
    From experience, always buy good brand PSUs. I'm having problems with my unknown PSU as of now...
  5. Yes my PSU has a switch at the back (please explain?), and unfortunately the 2 very old PCs I had just went into the dumpster...

    And as for the new parts, that'll have to wait as I am on quite a tight budget.
  6. Ok, that's good news :D
    (do this without unplugging the PSU cable)
    (Also, do this only if the switch is a "On off switch" if it is a red voltage switch, do not touch that, as if you do and try too boot the PC; it could blow :S)
    Flick the switch at the back to the "off" position
    Wait alil
    Then with the switch still in the "off " position,
    push the computer's power on button
    wait a lil
    FLick the PSU switch at the back to on
    Then boot the PC
    It SHOULD work.
  7. Hmm, doesn't seem to work.
    Thanks for everyones tips and advice, I'll be running out to buy a new PSU sometime this week, if that fails then it's probably time to get a new mobo.
  8. Yea, but being that I'm on a tight budget (very tight) I can only purchase 1 component as of now, and with the probability of a PSU failure being higher that mobo, I'm going for the PSU first.
  9. Oops, read your message wrong, sorry mate
  10. Ok, bought a brand new PSU, swapped the old one out.

    And it still wouldn't BOOT!!

    Looks like I'm gonna have to go ever deeper now
  11. Probably just send it in to the PC store and have them fix it, don't have the effort to do it myself right now...
  12. Wow, after sending it to the PC shop, surprising news.
    Apparently the GPU was broken, PSU and motherboard are both fine.
    Just can't figure out why the GPU would break..
    Anyways, gonna have to either get an upgrade or downgrade, and upgrade is pretty expensive.
  13. Yea, probably will get the upgrade, GTX460
  14. lol, thanks :D
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