HI this is my Current system
CPU:core 2 duo e4300
GPU:MSI R4670 1G

Now should i get a new cpu or a new gpu.I was thinking about the amd phenom x2 560 and motherboard with 4G ram or a Nvidia geforce gtx 460 1g with new PSU.My budget is 3000 RAND and i live in SOUTH-AFRICA.MY RESOLOTION IS 1024x768.
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  1. At 1024x768, I would go with a new processor, but look into more cores (or are you hoping to unlock some cores on that 560?). Try a Phenom x3 or x4, or even an Athlon x3 or x4 if the price is a concern (in the U.S., a retail Black-Edition Phenom x4 955 is 50% more expensive than the Black-Edition Phenom x2 560).

    Even if you stick with the 560 at 2-cores, it would be better than a GPU upgrade (especially if you upgrade to 4GB of memory). I don't think a GTX 460 would be practical if you only play it at 1024x768 resolution.
  2. I would start with a new monitor! New CPU will give you a more responsive system but the biggest visual improvement you get for gaming would be more real estate.
  3. Thanks i will get the Amd phenom x2 560 plus 4gig ram.Hopefully in december i will get a new screen and graphics card.
  4. If you have 2G DDR2 you can get an AM2+ mobo and AM3 CPU. Better get the Athlon II X4. Anyway more and more games favor more than 2 cores.
  5. Thanks.But i only got a 450w psu will the amd athlon x4 run on it.
  6. If it can run that Phenom II X2 it will run the Athlon II X4 as well. What PSU do you have and what's the budget for the parts?
  7. The budget is R3000 and it is a no brand psu
  8. Your budget is good enough for DDR3:

    Asus M4A785TD-V Evo AM3
    Athlon II X4 AM3 Quad-Core 640
    Mushkin 1600MHz DDR3 4GB Silverline Low-Voltage 2x2GB Kit


    And you can sell your current mobo/CPU/RAM.
  9. Thanks Appreciate it.
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