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Power Consumption?

Hello buddies,how much power supply i need for the following requirements:
*Intel Core 2 Duo 2.93GHZ E7500.
*GTS 250.
N for other components.
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  1. Try this
    eXtreme Power Supply Calculator

    It takes most things into consideration such as Hdds, fans etc..
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    Hello, as Plumble has pointed out maybe the best PSU calculator out there, I thought I give you a little more information on top of just that one.

    Here are a few VERY good review sites that you may want to check out before making a decision on what PSU you want:

    Here are some handy PSU calculators to help you out: --- Very detailed and simple/clean design. --- Basically Antec barrowed from this, but made it look good. --- Far more detail but more PSU knowledge needed.

    The rest hear are normal/avergae calculators:

    **Please Note: These will all give a good number to go by(Read thier respective notes and instruction well), but usally each has different reading on what you need and only true way of knowing is to add up the wattage requirements of each component. Its is possible to have to little power but reasonably never too much :)**
  3. I would recommend a quality 450 watt PSU although the system would run on a lower spec unit!
  4. AMPERE is the most important value!!

    On the 12v line of any power supply, make sure your Amp value is above 28a.

    this is because your gt 250 video card requires a minimum 28a on the PSU, and 400watts.

    Making headway for your intel CPU and hard drives, which all run off the 12 volt line I recommend a 550- 650watt PSU because it will supply enough AMP at the 12 volt line which is important to make sure you do not damage your hardware;
  5. The specs for minimum power are grossly inflated generally so its best to do some legitimate thinking rather than just running off what the box says. The power ratings given are always for a system using a heavily OC'ed Intel Extreme Edition processor and are for the system as a whole.

    Like rolli said, a good 450W unit will run it fine, the corsair 430CX is rather inexpensive at $35 after MIR but has sufficient power to be able to handle it.
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  7. thank u all of u.
    It helped me a lot.
    I give respect to all of u.
    So nice of u.
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