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I have a new system with an asus P6X58D-Premium motherboard. I have a SATA parallel hard drive and a serial disk drive which requires an expansion card. My question is how do I configure the BIOS for them both to work and where do I connect the hard drive? To the expansion card or motherboard?
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  1. Parallel SATA seems like a contradiction in terms(SATA = Serial ATA)
    What kind of drives do you have SATA drive, a SAS drive, a scsi drive, or a ide drive?
    What kind of an adapter card do you have?

    Normally a SATA drive connects to one of the SATA ports on the motherboard. It can be either the 3gb ports or 6gb ports.

    For this mobo, any other type of disk drive will attach to an adapter card.

    The adapter card will have it's own bios which will be activated at mobo boot time.
  2. Its a parallel ATA and the expansion card is from promise technologies. So again my question is; do I connect my PATA hard drive to the expansion card where my DVD-ROM is also connected? or do I connect it to the MOBO? and if I do connect it to the expansion how do I set my BIOS?
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