Any advice before I power up my 1st build???

I'm just about finished connecting everything. I hope i didn't mess anything up. Any advice before i plug it in?
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  1. Have you finger on the PSU's power switch in the event of smoke.

    Asa you get windows installed with drivers/updates and such create a backup image.
  2. OK ^ Yeah i had a PSU Pop on me once... on someone else build. Thanks
  3. A build that i had done for one of my friend's psu fried the processor. My advice:have a good warranty.
  4. Most CPU's have thermal overload protection and simply turn off when too hot (such as a fan failure).

    But, as mentioned it's best to stare into the open case to look for any fans not spinning or smoke. Five minutes is plenty.
  5. The psu sent a giant surge of electricity through the cpu which electrocuted it to death. :( it wasnt thermal that damaged it, that wouldve been an easy fix. Lol. I spent 2 months along with 3 other technicians figuring out what had happened! Make sure psu shell has no current running through it. And use an orange screwdriver! (they are non-magnetic)
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