Steam/internet download speed problems. plzz help!!!

hey guys
this is probably a bit off topic for this site but wasnt sure where else to ask

I'm downloading games off steam and in task manager it says the the network is cable of 54mb/s, whilst downloading games off steam it has gotten no where near that
maxing out at 161kb/s, which doesnt bother me too much but the speed of download varies so much, one second it will be going at 150mb/s then drop to 3kb/s then other times it just doesnt say the speed of download

I'm new to steam so I'm not really sure so i thought i would ask
does it mean that it's not downloading when it doesnt display the speed or what?
how can i fix this/get it to run faster??
please help
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  1. Maybe the server is busy. If the problem persists with other sites -- check MTU settings ( download TCPOptimizer which may help you select an optimum MTU).
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