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How many watts? AMD FreeBSD NAS w/ 8-12 hard drives

What sort of a PSU (ATX) would I need for the following new build. It is a system that will be running as a NAS server probably using ZFS file system and FreeBSD or FreeNAS.

AMD Athlon II x2 chip w/ 45w TDP
Asus ATX Mobo w/ 2 PCI-e slots (will fill one or two of them with SATA controllers)

I want the power capacity for 8-12 x 3.5 inch HDDs (probably 5400RPM)

No optical drive, no graphics card, nothing fancy (except a handful of case fans including one 220mm fan).

How many watts do I need?

HDDs use both the 5V and 12V rails from the PSU, right?

How many amps will I need on the 5V side and how many on the 12V side for this setup?

It needs to be energy efficient since this server will be running 24/7.

Here's one I am considering - SeaSonic SS-300ET (300W, 80+ Bronze):
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    I get 308 watts recommended here that is 12 x SATA green and 2 x PCIe x4 cards.
  2. Following from what rolli59 has said, I would suggest going 100W over what you think you'll need. This gives you room to add more hardrives, optical drives or change your CPU for example without needing to worry about your PSU.
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